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David McFeeters-Krone introduces a concept of using the MEP network to help FLC stakeholder firms (licensees, CRADA partners, contractors) accelerate their development and marketing by tapping into the Manufacturing USA Institutes.

At a gathering of the 350 federal labs, David explains how the 14 Manufacturing USA institutes are positioned to help new products gain traction.  In sum, the members of the FLC spend over $130B a year on R&D and generate about 1000 patents a year.  Their licensing and collaborative R&D work is well established, but the labs can only provide so much market buoyancy.  The institutes could provide that necessary missing link to become truly dual use. The institutes are designed to push early-stage technology to initial deployment, but more importantly, have unparalleled networks to provide market intelligence. In many cases, the new solutions being developed by innovative manufacturers are the key element to help the Institutes fulfill their mission.

The MEP network can help more than federal lab partners with these insights. If your firm is embarking on a new product vision, contact your MEP (or David McFeeters-Krone at dmk@intelassets.ocm) to determine if the Institutes or other partners can accelerate your journey.


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