Unlocking Potential in Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) Reentry Program
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Unlocking Potential in Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) Reentry Program 







Trained to be Ready Day One 

Finding workers who are willing to put in the effort can be tough. But, the truth is, there are motivated individuals ready to start working. Among them are graduates from the manufacturing and trades programs at Oregon Corrections Enterprises.

OMEP is working with OCE to help fill employment needs across Oregon.

“You take a chance on someone, and the reward is so much bigger than the risk.”

– Morgen Jaco, OCE Reentry Manager


Take a Virtual Tour of OCE

See for yourself how extensive the facilities and training are at OCE.


Benefits to Employers and the Community

Shortly after entering Oregon correctional facilities, adults in custody (AICs) are introduced to OCE as a work option. Jobs are available in the manufacturing, digital, and service sectors and trades —custodial, electrical, and welding.

Just like any other job, available positions are posted. Applicants undergo an application, interview, and onboarding process.

As part of onboarding, OCE provides training that gets them ready to excel at work:

Safety: Not only does this help keep workers, but it also serves them throughout their careers.

Soft skills: You want employees who show up on time and communicate effectively.

Certifications: In-house certifications map to skills that Oregon employers need.

About six months prior to release, OCE starts to give extra support with resumes, cover letters, and interviewing skills. We hope to support OCE’s goal of placing all graduates with jobs before release.

Mike Vanier, OMEP President

“Walking into the facility, we were already impressed. People are getting training on the machine our partners use every day. But it’s the stories and outcomes that are truly convincing — this program is a perfect match for our values of supporting manufacturers and communities.”



Participants of this program are getting real-life experience working jobs just like any other, and they’re motivated to succeed. 

When they succeed, it’s also a net benefit for your community. They’re much less likely to return to the correctional system — about 16% as opposed to 52% of those without full-time employment.

Employers who partner with OCE to hire employees from this program may qualify for Workforce Opportunity Tax Credits. The federal Department of Labor’s fidelity bonding program means employers can receive up to $5,000 in fidelity bonds free of charge.


How You Can Get Involved 

OMEP has committed to assisting OCE in its mission, as well as supporting Oregon manufacturing in discovering untapped talent.

OCE is currently working with 35 employers across the state. They’re actively searching for more partnerships, especially outside the I-5 corridor.

Want to see workers in action? Take a tour of the OCE workplace: AICs are learning transferable skills, clocking in, and working on relevant equipment like yours. Or, take a virtual tour here. 

What workforce needs do you have? While OCE has training in metal fabrication, CADD, textiles, and more, there’s room to adapt to future needs.

The idea of adding a formerly incarcerated employee to your workforce can be intimidating. And we can’t guarantee that every placement will work out. But giving someone a second chance just might help your business as much as it helps the community.


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  • Mike Vanier

    Throughout an extensive career in the retail, consumer products, and manufacturing, Mike has contributed toward the growth of a retail chain from 15 locations into 31 and led a struggling manufacturing company into profitable acquisition through increased sales and operational efficiency. Mike has consulted for many companies in the areas of managerial efficiency, operational optimization, technical system integrations, merchandise management, brand management and supply chain enhancements. As OMEP’s President, Mike draws on his years of experience to bring Oregon manufacturers growth and increased profitability.

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