Our Process

We don’t deliver a stack of to-do lists and go away. OMEP meters delivery of information to match each company’s absorption rate. This “drip irrigation” method helps to avoid the pitfalls of the fire hose – by giving you the insights you want, at the cadence you need. OMEP is committed to your success, which means we work within all levels of an organization – top-down and bottom-up, to achieve full alignment and transformation.

We’re not standing at a distance giving instruction, we’re shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, helping to accomplish the work. Your company’s challenges are unique, and our approach matches that. We don’t try to shoe-horn you into a specific methodology or solution. We listen and work with you to find the best way to thoughtfully find solutions to problems.

We’re ultimately driven by your success. When Oregon’s manufacturing sector is successful, our economy and communities prosper. Our goal is to help you move your business closer to your vision of success.

On-Site No-Charge Assessment

Because we are the Oregon representative of the MEP National Network, OMEP offers a no-cost on-site assessment.  Our team of manufacturing experts will review your business health, using the assessment results to position your company for the future while resolving the most pressing issues you currently face.

Understand and Evaluate Current State

We work with your team to help you solve a specific problem – like filling orders faster or finding skilled workers. Once those issues have been resolved, we can start planning ahead for what’s next.

Implement Steps for Desired Future State

We work with you to implement systems for continuous improvement. This doesn’t just apply to operational excellence – continuous improvement methodologies apply to business strategy and financial understanding and workforce training or organizational challenges. Ultimately we help you unlock employee potential and drive company growth.

A company’s ability to sustain improvements over time depends on the commitment and involvement of its leaders. OMEP helps company leaders and shop floor staff learn new approaches and techniques to drive daily improvement and long-term results in all areas of the business.

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