Opportunities in the Department of Defense (DOD) Supply Chain for Small Manufacturers

Opportunities for Small Manufacturers Through the Department of Defense

If you want to expand your products to new markets and increase your opportunities for expansion, being part of the Department of Defense (DOD) supply chain can be an important component of your strategy. Oregon manufacturers can potentially boost production and win new contracts right now through the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). Oregon is currently last in the country for military spending as a percentage of state GDP, which means there’s potential for Oregon businesses working on military contracts to create a profitable manufacturing ecosystem.

The Defense Department is directing billions of dollars in modernization funding to small businesses and is making it easier for these companies to work with the department. In 2019, the DOD directed 24.2% or $75.4 billion of its contract spending to small businesses. Additionally, more than 38% of all subcontracts in FY19 went to small businesses, which reaped rewards in the flow-down from large suppliers.

The National Defense Authorization Act for FY2021 has money earmarked for the National Institute of Standards and Technology to be funneled through Manufacturing Extension Partnership centers to assist small and midsize companies to become compliant for DOD work.

Get Help Connecting into the DOD Supply Chain

OMEP can help Oregon manufacturing companies prepare for DOD contracts through operational improvements, boosting cybersecurity standards, and implementing advanced technologies. Oregon manufacturers can source parts and materials for DOD contracts, nationalizing the supply chain.

We will help you determine if working with the DOD is a good fit for your business, help you prepare to be part of their supply chain, and make the appropriate connections.

Key staff: Shane Steinke, Tim Root, Mike Vanier

Whether you’re new to the DOD supply chain, or have been in your business for years and need assistance with new cybersecurity requirements, we’re here to help. Schedule a call today.



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