Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • You spend too much time fighting fires and not enough time running the business
  • You want your employees to see a long-term future with you
  • It takes too long to train people
  • You don’t have the people or processes in place to make decisions in your absence
  • You want to enhance training with virtual or augmented reality
  • You want to be in compliance with Oregon’s Equal Pay Act
  • You want your managers to be more successful leaders

Create a Culture of Problem Solvers

““The management team is transitioning from driving the bus to watching from the back of the bus as Premier drives down the road of business success. Instead of 6 members of the executive team solving problems, there’s now over 120 employees solving the problems.”



Set your organization on the path to long-term success.


  • Organizational Design
  • Employee Succession Planning
  • Change Management


Set clear and measurable expectations that empower your team to reach your company’s strategic goals.


  • Team & Communication Dynamics
  • Management Systems
  • Leadership Training
  • Conflict Resolution


Create processes that help new employees become efficient, faster, and draw on their full potential to keep them engaged.


  • Recruiting and Onboarding Systems Support
  • Competency based Pay Systems
  • Job Instruction & Training Modules

    Why OMEP?

    Our team has over 500 years of combined experience working with manufacturing companies around the world. Our public-private funding structure allows us to provide you no-cost holistic business assessments that serve as action plans for success. OMEP’s drip irrigation delivery model ensures companies receive the right guidance and implementation support at the right time so improvements stick long after project completion. We have the ability to draw on a national network of expertise and resources to solve the problems manufacturers face. Our staff live and work around the state, so they have a vested interest in prosperity for the communities they serve. Every project is surveyed by an independent third party organization to ensure OMEP is accountable for achieving maximum impact.

    Schedule Your No-Cost Assessment

    A brief discovery session with an OMEP consultant can change your view of what might be possible for your business. You’ll get honest feedback from a consultant with deep financial, business, and production acumen. And rest easy – there will be no hard sell or obligation.