Build, Implement, and Sustain Your Food Safety Plan

Do you want to scale? Food safety is a must.

If you want to expand your products to new markets or distributors, grow your business, and increase your opportunities for expansion, having a robust and compliant food safety plan and practice is critical. From Whole Foods to Krogers, distributors have increased their demands and requests for food safety plans.

Why? Foodborne illness costs the food industry as much as $55 billion a year.(1) Nearly 48 million people get sick, 128,000 people are hospitalized and 3,000 die every year (2) from foodborne illness annually. Thankfully, with a proper food safety protocol in place, you can reduce the risk of foodborne illness significantly.

Get Help With Your Food Safety Challenges

OMEP can provide food safety services for manufacturers. Incorporating food safety practices into your company will make you a better business and help you to grow your brand.  We can help you to manage and implement new food safety programs, including learning how to document processes, train employees, sustain your implementations, and continually improve to meet new requirements.

Learn Basic Food Safety

Are you a new food company? Are you new to food safety? Do you want to educate your food safety team? Do you need cGMP’s or assistance with corrective actions and inspections? We will work with you on an individual basis or in a cohort group to address basic safety questions and challenges including cGMP’s, building your food safety team, inspections, and corrective action.

Build Your Food Safety Program

Is your distributor or customer asking you for your HACCP or food safety plan? Do they want you to get a third party audit? Do you need assistance with pre-requisite programs or to put an FSMA compliant plan in place? We will work with you on an individual basis or in a cohort group to help you build your food safety plan, including cGMP’s, pre-requisite programs, FSMA Compliant Food Safety Plan, SFC or other GFSI certification.

Get Help with Assessment of an Existing Plan and Building A Custom Plan

Are you having challenges sustaining your existing food safety plan?  Are you challenged with available resources and need assistance to move forward?  If you’ve already started implementing a food safety program and want assistance with the creation of a prioritized plan that meets your capacity and deadlines, we can help. We can assess your company’s current food safety aptitude, and help you develop and implement a plan to complete your implementation of a sustainable food safety plan. This is custom assistance that meets you where you are and gets you where you want to be.

Whether you’re new to food processing and food safety, or have been in your business for years and need assistance with new requirements like FSMA, we’re here to help. Schedule a call today.


  1. High Cost of Foodborne Illness, Robert Scharff, Ohio State University Associate Professor, The Journal of Food Protection.
  2. for Disease Control and Prevention



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