Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Your team is barely keeping up with orders and is constantly firefighting
  • Product quality is inconsistent
  • You’re feeling cramped in your existing facility and are considering moving to a new building
  • It takes you longer than you’d like to set up for production or schedule work
  • You are not satisfied with your supplier performance
  • You are looking for a way to cut down on manual tasks using smart factory technology such as sensors, robotics, or IOT Devices
  • You want to improve visibility into operations with data visualization

Improve Operational Efficiencies to Increase Profitability

“We are all so grateful and indebted to you for not only the progress you have helped us make but also for your dedication to our success.”



Streamline your processes and production. Utilize value stream mapping to work toward your desired future state.

  • Process Flow Design
  • Quality and Inventory Management Systems
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Energy Management


Design and implement the best possible products, and get the most out of your equipment, processes, and facility.

  • Plant & Facility Layout
  • Equipment Selection & Design
  • Preventive & Predictive Maintenance
  • Tooling & Fixture Design


Learn how to implement new technologies to make your plant more efficient, increase product quality, and free up your workforce from routine tasks.

  • ERP Selection & Implementation
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Smart Factory and IOT Device Integration
  • Data Visualization and Intelligence Systems
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Cybersecurity Support


Our team has over 500 years of combined experience working with manufacturing companies around the world. Our public-private funding structure allows us to provide you no-cost holistic business assessments that serve as action plans for success. OMEP’s drip irrigation delivery model ensures companies receive the right guidance and implementation support at the right time so improvements stick long after project completion. We have the ability to draw on a national network of expertise and resources to solve the problems manufacturers face. Our staff live and work around the state, so they have a vested interest in prosperity for the communities they serve. Every project is surveyed by an independent third party organization to ensure OMEP is accountable for achieving maximum impact.

Schedule Your No-Cost Assessment

A brief discovery session with an OMEP consultant can change your view of what might be possible for your business. You’ll get honest feedback from a consultant with deep financial, business, and production acumen. And rest easy – there will be no hard sell or obligation.