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Playing Defense: Oregon Business Magazine

The Department of Defense is by far and away from the federal government’s biggest spender — but few of those dollars flow into Oregon. Some trade groups are looking to bump up those numbers. Shane Steinke moved to Bend last year with a mission: to get more Department...

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How Oregon Works: Manufacturers retool for Covid

As workplaces adapt to Covid restrictions, some manufacturers are ahead of the curve. This story features Oregon's Wild Harvest and Miller Paint Company Published in the Portland Business Journal Nov 2, 2020 Read the full article >

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Lean Manufacturing in the Pandemic Era

Gary Conner is featured in an interview for The Fabricator, Published October 2020. Read the full article here   Lean manufacturing in the pandemic era Problem-solving steps up for metal fabricators in uncertain times of the COVID-19 era The problem-solving and...

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Wire Harness Manufacturers Get Help Through MEP

Wire Harness Manufacturers Get Help Through MEP  - Published in Assembly Magazine MEP is a public-private partnership dedicated to serving small and medium-sized manufacturers. With centers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, MEP assisted 28,213 manufacturers in 2019,...

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