Supply Chain 101: Develop a Strategy That Affects Every Corner of Your Business
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Your supply chain is even more important today than it was during the pandemic. For the past three years, we’ve been in reactive mode, which was necessary to keep products moving. But now you have an opportunity to take another look at your supply chain from a strategic standpoint. By building in provisions for market, supplier and availability shifts, you can avoid hitting the react button, control your costs, improve your productivity – and perhaps even sleep better at night.

The interconnected network of people and entities that comprise your supply chain touches every aspect of your business, and it requires more than just technical fixes or finding reliable suppliers.

OMEP is here to help. In partnership with CIRAS (Iowa MEP), we’re launching a new eight-part cohort series called Supply Chain 101.

The series kicks off with an in-person session that you can attend in one of three convenient locations across Oregon:

  • June 27, Portland Metro
  • July 8, Bend
  • July 10, Eugene

The in-person kickoff will be followed by seven virtual sessions will starting on July 17.

Topics include inventory management, procurement, warehousing, distribution, negotiating with suppliers, and supply chain technology.

We will take a deep dive into some of the biggest areas of opportunity, including:

  • Mapping out a supply chain strategy based on your product
  • How to better identify potential suppliers
  • How to deal with underperforming suppliers
  • Negotiating with suppliers to get the best deal
  • How your supply chain enables you to deliver the most value for customers
  • Increase margins and efficiencies

If you’re an Oregon manufacturer, this is your chance to connect with companies facing similar supply chain challenges on a wide range of topics that will cover end-to-end supply chain management.

Registration opens in a few weeks, stay tuned for more details, or contact me for more information here:


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