• Is your current onboarding and training inefficient?

  • Is it difficult to get new employees up to a productive level?

  • Do you struggle with a lack of documented or repeatable processes?

  • Do you need a document and version control system?

  • Are you running your company’s workforce plan with documents, spreadsheets, and file folders?

  • Are you worried about knowledge gaps when seasoned employees retire?

  • Do your managers have the systems and tools to support creating successful employees?

Get A Systematic Approach to Operational Effectiveness   

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The OMEP Cloud is an operational excellence management system simplifying business operations, improving productivity, and enhancing employee engagement.

Attract, Engage, and Retain Employees with OMEP Cloud

OMEP’s manufacturing experts worked with Novunex to create the OMEP Cloud. It is a systematic approach to operational excellence for small and mid-sized manufacturing leaders who want to improve their operational effectiveness and better train and retain employees.

The OMEP Cloud fills the gap left by disconnected cloud-based tools. Harness the power of cloud-based technology to gain consistent control of your manufacturing processes, office workflow, and workforce programs. Create a competitive advantage through your people, aligning daily activities with business goals.

By combining Standard Work, Document Control, and a Learning Management System, the OMEP Cloud provides a systemized approach to workforce development and retention. Training is standardized and includes clearly defined development paths, where learning and completion is assigned and tracked on an individual and group level.

Learning Management System

Encourage and empower employees through improved information flow, positive reinforcement and technology tools. Empower professional growth through career paths.

  • Create and assign training from standard work & documents
  • Track progress to completion? and view Reports

Standard Work module

Create and deploy standard work instructions for consistent training,
reduced time to proficiency, increased productivity and job satisfaction.

  • Create standard work using a consistent template and save in media library
  • Maintain revision control and link standard work to training

Document management

Store and manage documents and control revisions to increase productivity, enhance security and disaster recovery, and get information to employees as needed.

  • Ensure revision control with an integrated approval process
  • Leverage released documents into training for employees, and track completion of training


Enhance transparency and management of projects, and manage tasks and ideas to create a collaborative and appealing culture.

  • Track progress of ideas through a CI Logbook and task Kanban
  • Generate standard work from an improvement project
  • Track trasks, ideas, and simple improvements

Quality management system

Ensure consistency and compliance, support profitability, and the development of a quality-driven culture.

  • Organize all documents in central database with approval workflows and audit trails
  • Report, audit, and inspection management
  • share print-ready interactive document management dashboards

total preventative maintenance

Plan and manage equipment maintenance and calibration to reduce downtime, lower costs, and strengthen workplace safety.

  • Schedule and manage calibration
  • Keep updated equipment logs 
  • Track progress and assign tasks via maintenance calendar and kanban
  • Create regular maintenance schedule and track progress.

Industry 4.o

Integrate technology solutions such as IoT devices, Augmented and Virtual Reality to differentiate from competitors, improve productivity and efficiency, and create a stimulating employee experience.

  • Use VR & AR to train employees faster
  • Use IO sensors to monitor your processes
  • Integrate Cobots to perform repetitive tasks safely

    get the support you need

    The challenges facing employers regarding talent shortages, organizational knowledge loss, extended training times require us to look at new ways to attract, engage and develop talent.

    Use the digital tools in the OMEP Cloud to enhance your workforce practices, and create an effective and healthy workplace culture.

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