How Manufacturers Can Detect, Prevent, And Deter Fraud
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Emily Bradford, a Senior Manager at Geffen Mesher, recently recorded a thought leadership podcast with the Portland Business Journal. She spoke at length about why manufacturers are particularly susceptible to fraud, how business owners can recover when fraud does occur, and what Geffen Mesher does to prevent its clients from falling victim to white-collar crime in the first place.

“We put on our fraud hats and think about how we could steal from our clients’ companies,” noted Emily, when describing how Geffen Mesher supports its clients. “We think like the fraudsters.”

According to a recent report on occupational fraud by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), businesses lose a median amount of $140,000 when they fall victim to fraud — and nearly 20% of businesses lose over $1,000,000.

On average, it takes approximately 18 months before a fraudulent activity is detected, and more than 87% of perpetrators are first-time offenders.

Listen to Emily Bradford’s full podcast below. Click here to learn more about Geffen Mesher’s dedicated Forensic & Integrity Services team.

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