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At OMEP we often hear these common misconceptions about the manufacturing industry:

Manufacturing Myth 1: US Manufacturing is in decline.

Fact: Employment, shipments, and exports are on the rise across the country.

Manufacturing Myth 2: Manufacturing is a poor career choice.

Fact: Manufacturing is actually an excellent option with workers earning 32% more in benefits per hour than employees in service industries.

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Manufacturing Myth 3: Automation will eliminate jobs.

Fact: Projections actually show automation will create 133 million new jobs worldwide by 2022.

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Learn how we helped a local manufacturer use IoT devices to improve processes >

Manufacturing Myth 4: Manufacturing is harmful to the environment.

Truth: In manufacturing, sustainability equals profitability.


4 Manufacturing Myths Debunked

OMEP is the Oregon Center for the MEP National Network, whose mission is to enhance the productivity and technological performance of U.S. manufacturing. The Hollings MEP National Network is a part of the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST), and they recently released the infographic pictured here to debunk these myths. Feel free to share by clicking the link to the right, or the graphic itself.  View Manufacturing Myths Infographic

Call OMEP at 503-406-3776 to discuss any of these manufacturing myths and how they impact your Oregon business.

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