Advanced Technology for Manufacturers of All Sizes

The OMEP Advanced Technology Team assists manufacturers of all sizes to implement new technologies that make processes more efficient, increase product quality, and free up workforce from routine tasks.

Our experts provide unbiased and affordable recommendations for applying advanced manufacturing technology to improve your operations, whether you’re just getting started or desire further implementation. We will work with you to understand your needs and propose solutions that are right for your business.

Meet the OMEP Technology Team

Cloud Technology

OMEP Cloud is a systematic approach to operational excellence for small and mid-sized manufacturing leaders who want to improve their operational effectiveness and better train and retain employees.

The OMEP Cloud fills the gap left by disconnected cloud-based tools. Harness the power of cloud-based technology to gain consistent control of your manufacturing processes, office workflow, and workforce programs. Create a competitive advantage through your people, aligning daily activities with business goals.

ERP selection and Implementation

Get support to source, select, and implement an ERP system. OMEP begins with a workflow map, providing a critical path list of requirements for software selection and implementation.

We’ll help you understand the resources you’ll need for a successful project and stay with you throughout the process. We can also re-work existing ERP implementations so they provide maximum value.

Smart factory & IOT device integration

The cost of IOT enabled devices has decreased significantly while functionality has increased. IOT enabled devices can improve quality assurance through real-time cycletime tracking. Increase transparency across the organization through real-time machine (up-time) monitoring and better understand where bottlenecks or issues arise on a production line. Improve understanding of capacity. 

    Augmented & Virtual Reality Simulation

    Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are valuable workforce recruitment and engagement tools. In addition to operational efficiency gains, use AR and VR to train new employees on equipment safely without disrupting work or managers. Use VR to create 3D models of parts, processes, equipment, or entire facility layouts.

    data visualization & intelligence systems

    Ensure consistency and compliance by aligning your team around around company-wide KPIs. Track and identify data trends and provide data visuals to your manufacturing floor or any other department. 

      Robotics & Automation

      Collaborative Robots (Co-Bots) and automation don’t take jobs from humans, but free existing workforce from dangerous or repetitive tasks. When implemented correctly, robots and automation can lead to better quality control, a safer work environment, reduced bottlenecks, increased production, and improved job satisfaction.

      Cybersecurity support

      Even if you’re a small manufacturer, you are a target for cyber-criminals. We can help you recognize the threat of cyber attacks and put processes in place to prevent them. Avoid a shut down of operations – we will help you better understand how to protect your business. If you supply to the DOD (or want to) and need to be CMMC compliant, we can support the process. 


      OMEP begins by assessing your company’s situation through our no-cost assessment. Because we are a neutral third party, we do not push a specific technology, vendor, or implementor on your business. Rather, we provide unbiased, accessible and affordable recommendations based on your business and its’ unique challenges. 

      After the assessment, we make recommendations for priority opportunities where technology solves problems and generates the greatest benefit. This could look like implementing a cloud-based standard work builder, integrating a co-bot into a production line, utilizing sensors to capture data, or building a custom training program in Augmented Reality. The possibilities are numerous.

      We partner with you to source and implement the technology, and then rigorously measure results to ensure you gain ROI quickly.

      OMEP’s Advanced Technology Team

      Wes Beecroft

      Wes Beecroft

      Senior Consultant



      As a Senior Consultant at OMEP, Wes serves as a configurator and implementation support professional for OMEP’s cloud-based operational excellence management system and Industry 4.0 technologies such as IoT, AR, VR, automation, and robotics. With a passion for emerging technologies, Wes has extensive technical expertise applying a wide range of manufacturing tools to develop systems architecture that leverage industry best practices. He is a manufacturing and engineering business leader with demonstrated successes utilizing continuous improvement tools to deliver measurable improvements in high-mix/low-volume manufacturing environments.

      Justin Gradek

      Justin Gradek

      Senior Consultant

      With a background in lean manufacturing, Justin has experience analyzing systems and business processes within many types of organizations. He brings his analysis skillset to all client work, drawing on dual master’s degrees in economics and international relations. Justin’s client-facing work touches on facility re-layout and technology adoption.

      Kleve Kee

      Kleve Kee

      Vice President of Operations

      Kleve Kee brings over 25 years of experience in management and senior leadership to his work at OMEP. Specializing in bringing a continuous improvement business operating philosophy to his clients, Kleve has an industrial engineering background with an MBA, and is a Certified Leadership Trainer and Family Business Advisor.

      Shane Steinke

      Shane Steinke

      Principal Consultant

      As a Principal Consultant at OMEP, Shane delivers results by utilizing his extensive experience with risk mitigation and problem analysis to evaluate alternative options for manufacturers and by helping them to implement change successfully. 

      Before OMEP, Shane served in the United States Air Force. During his military career, he led process analysis to improve efficiencies, driving 67% performance increaseAs a change management expert, Shane specializes in leading complex organizationsHe draws on his Military experience to connect manufacturers with opportunities in the Department of Defense (DOD) supply chain. 

      Jason Stratton

      Jason Stratton

      Senior Consultant



      Prior to serving as OMEP’s manufacturing consultant, Jason worked at Welch Allyn where he successfully led several production and warehouse/distribution continuous improvement projects. He also helped to facilitate the creation of the Welch Allyn LEAN management system. During his time there, Jason participated as a subject matter expert in the Global SAP ERP implementation project. While at Guerdon Enterprises Jason introduced LEAN manufacturing to a modular building factory, leading training classes and developing production metrics. He also facilitated several 5s projects throughout the factory. For the last 3 years, Jason has utilized his knowledge of LEAN and ERP implementation to work as a project manager and ERP consultant, successfully implementing several new ERP conversions and upgrades at a variety of companies.

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