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In a rebranding effort, High Desert Enterprise Consortium (HiDEC) has been transformed to Grow 3o.

Since 2007, Grow3Degrees (formerly HiDEC) has strived to connect those who are passionate about economic development and continuous improvement in Central Oregon. Their goal is to make high quality content affordable and accessible to the Central Oregon region by leveraging the member community, trusted local partners and thought leaders.

The new name, Grow 3 Degrees relates to how small course corrections can, over time, lead to significant improvements and transform organizations.

OMEP is taking the reins of Grow 3o to manage the day-to-day work. EDCO will remain a close partner both in the transition and ongoing efforts.

If you are not a current member, now is a great time to join! Learn more by clicking the ‘become a member’ button on the website. If you know of another business in the region who might be interested in joining, feel free to share with them.

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  • Kleve Kee

    Kleve Kee brings over 25 years of experience in management and senior leadership positions to his work at OMEP. Kleve specializes in bringing a continuous improvement business operating philosophy to the companies he works with. Kleve has an industrial engineering background with an MBA; and is a Certified Leadership Trainer and Family Business Advisor. Working within all levels of companies Kleve focuses on operations, top line growth, financials enabling sound decision making, leadership and strategy. In a business world of limited resources and unlimited directions for improvement, Kleve helps companies concentrate their limited resources in the areas most impactful for their business.

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