Wanted: Manufacturers Capable of Precision Bonding Inconel 625
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OMEP is seeking manufacturers capable of precision bonding Inconel 625 as part of our work with RAPID.

The application is to bond multiple layers of 0.5mm Inconel 625 to form a microchannel plate and frame heat exchanger.  The design is substantially similar to the photo on the left.  Bonding is required between lamina A and B.

  1. At the periphery (note lamina B has a raised flange to meet the bottom edge of lamina A) and
  2. Around the edges of the two embossed holes in lamina A (raised to meet the bottom of lamina B)

Other important notes

  • These plates will be stacked with 8 pairs + 1.
  • Final design will have supporting ridges at same height as welding boss in lamina A.
  • Cross-sectional height tolerances of 0.5 mm tall channels are 15 micrometers (key).
  • 2 to 4 assemblies will be procured.
  • Hemmed flange in picture has been designed out.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact David McFeeters Krone at dmk@intelassets.com  or call him at 503 493-0477 (work)

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