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For the Columbia Works Summer 21 Internship program, OMIC R&D is actively recruiting industry folk who can provide a helpful hand providing a rich experience for your summer high school interns.

This 8-week program runs from the first of July through August 2021. The interns are onsite at the OMIC campus 4 days a week for about 5 hours/day. We are taking intern applications for 12 seats for the summer 21 session. Students will be spread across three general discipline areas:

  • AR/VR/3D Modeling
  • CNC design/programming/operations
  • Robotics/Mechatronics

We are seeking mentors that can give 1 day/week as an onsite mentor.

We would welcome companies providing release time for employees to help guide these students. Our goal is to have all three functional groups work on aspects of a single practical project. This approach would allow mentors to have inputs across project teams in their area of expertise. To some extent, the project we select is dependent on the skills of the mentors.

We will work to have a multi-disciplinary project that promotes cross-team collaboration among the internship to model have team-base projects function. Our working idea of a project is a customized RC vehicle that could be used for a variety of photographic and video projects. This car would support a wireless controller for navigation as well as wireless controls of a camera gimble and photographic/video equipment. The final project could vary depending on the skills of the mentors who help in our program.

Our first approximation of the mento skills needed for a successful summer internship are provided in Table 1.

    Mentor Skills
AR/VR/3D Modeling    
  3D Design/Blender/MC 3D modeling
  Physics engine/Unity Unity developer
  C# Program integration C# Programmer
CNC  Programming/Design    
  3D design/Blender 3D modeling
  MasterCam Programming MasterCam expert
  Use of CNC machines CNC operator
  Mechatronics for project Electromechanical
  Programming Robot code?C#?
  3D Design and Test 3D modeling

Table 1: List of mentor skills by project team

Notes on mentor skills needed

  1. 3D modeling: We can use either MasterCam or Blender skillsets. The AR/VR team will be creating some 3D assets that can be imported in our Unity physic engine. The CNC programmers will be designing parts to modify our RC gimble car.
  2. Unity developer to help student convert their ideas into a mixed reality format for navigation of the RC gimble car
  3. Programmer(s): As we understand our project now, we will have some C# programming related to manipulation of the Unity game engine and there will be some communication integration work on the various device output-to-wireless protocols needed to adapt our robot car to a remote controller.
  4. Mechatronics: Modifying the gimbal car to incorporate various functions may require someone with electo-mechanical talents and perhaps some form of a PLC (possibly an Arduino) to support navigation management of the car.

For more information on being a Columbia Works summer internship mentor please contact

Grant Kirby




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