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Founded in 1990, Lightspeed Technologies provides high-quality instructional audio equipment to students and educators around the world. Their powerful instructional audio solutions have served K-12 classrooms for more than 30 years. Each product inspires communication and collaboration by delivering crystal-clear, low-volume and highly intelligible sound. Lightspeed offers solutions for several learning environments, including whole-group and small-group instruction, as well as support for distance and hybrid classrooms.


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The Situation

The Lightspeed teams have participated OMEP’s Lean Manufacturing cohort and the Tools for Conscious Leadership cohorts over the years to skill up management in continuous improvement and leadership. As a result of covid-19 pandemic and resulting staff turnover, many of the excellent processes and systems of continuous improvement had started to slip. Lightspeed hoped to engage shop floor understanding of lean principles and help the operations leadership team with strategies to sustain and improve their systems going forward.

The Solution

OMEP provided a focused training program designed to improve understanding of lean principles and leadership practices. The course was designed to sustain continuous improvement culture long-term at Lightspeed. This will ensure that the positive financial impacts of lean will remain intact, but that the mindset and culture of continuous improvement will permeate across the organization.  All leadership teams and staff were trained in 5S and visual work. Managers learned how to manage in a lean environment, with a special emphasis on what sets lean production systems apart from other manufacturing management styles.


The Results

By partnering with OMEP, Lightspeed not only retained their 72 employees but empowered them to solve problems. Because they understand lean principles, employees are more engaged in their work. They show up to their jobs every day with the intention of thinking holistically and scientifically. Everyone has a better understanding of how their work contributes to the overall company goals. As a result of implementing their learnings, LightSpeed saved $230K by increasing capacity.

Having the entire Operations team working together with OMEP has made a tremendous impact on our Lean Journey. John's ability to communicate at all levels of the organization and connect with people throughout the training contributed greatly to our success. We're looking forward to next steps with OMEP!

Kathy Carlson