Transform Your Leadership and Sustain Improvement Gains

OMEP’s Tools for Conscious Leadership is a transformational course based around the framework of a consistent daily management system. This program equips leaders to sustain continuous improvement gains by engaging and empowering employees.

Designed for manufacturers who are committed to building and leveraging the business advantage of a continuous improvement culture, Tools for Conscious Leadership equips manufacturers with the tools to successfully set expectations, provide feedback and handle conflict.


Join OMEP’s Tools for Conscious Leadership to learn how to build an engaged workforce that results in higher profits, lower turnover, and better productivity.

  • Session 1 – How we Show Up – Culture, Attitudes and Behaviors We will overview the TCL program, and start exploring the importance of “how we show up” as leaders through one or two models of organizational culture and investigating the relationship between attitudes and behaviors.
  • Session 2 – Managing Expectations We will introduce the “Human Performance Model” and go deep on setting expectations and measuring/observing results.
  • Session 3 – Effective Feedback We will wrap up the “Human Performance Model” by looking at how we can provide effective feedback and introduce the Toyota Kata Coaching methodology in our daily work.
  • Session 4 –Drama Triangle We will discuss the components of personal responsibility and learn about the Drama Triangle, how it comes about and how it can be transformed.  We will explore specific practices for increasing personal presence and improving listening to both exit the Drama Triangle and minimize the frequency of it happening.
  • Session 5 -Personal Communication, Criticism and Conflict
    We will explore further topics in personal communication and explore how we can use everything we’ve learned to better manage criticism and engage in “healthy conflict” at work.

This program is designed for companies that have embarked on a continuous improvement journey and desire to develop standard leadership behaviors to sustain their gain. We encourage companies to send at least three members of the leadership team that can commit to the entire program.

“I have utilized the tools taught in the class to improve my daily interactions with all employees. I’ve seen substantial progress from a range of those employees, some of which have become quite the contributors to our Continuous Improvement Program.”

– Former Attendee

Course Design

Active Learning Sessions: We will conduct 5 virtual sessions via zoom. This class can also be in person, live.

On-Site Check-Ins: OMEP will conduct up to 2 support sessions on-site at your facility


John Hunt

John Hunt

Principal Consultant

John’s manufacturing experience spans a wide range of roles – including process engineering, quality engineering, continuous improvement, and manufacturing management. His personal focus has been on blending continuous improvement tools and philosophy into the daily practice of managing people and processes. John has strong experience implementing Lean methodologies in both manufacturing and office environments and brings a personable and analytical approach to his work.


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