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The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) will be hosting a workshop titled PDCA:  The Core of Sustained Improvement Efforts. The session will be led by our very own Sheila Cuyler!

The purpose of this hands-on workshop is to develop participants Lean thinking abilities and to build their skills in creating Lean processes throughout their organizations while facilitating continual learning and improvement.

This interactive workshop spends equal time in the classroom and learning through hands-on application exercises.  The exercises will teach attendee’s how to incorporate the concepts of PDCA and problem solving into daily practice to drive continuous improvement and learning in both manufacturing and administrative processes.  Throughout both days, attendee’s will participate in shop floor activities to refine and create visual controls to manage, monitor, and improve processes.  Additionally, attendee’s will participate in creating Leader Standard Work.  Participants will be provided with an electronic version of all workshop materials.

The workshop will be 1-1/2 days.

If you are a manufacturing company interested in hosting this event in your facility, please reach out to Jasmine.

We’d need capacity for about 20 – 25 attendees. Host company gets 4 free attendees. 

Each participant will learn and practice the following during this workshop: 

  • Plan-Do-Check-Act Thinking: Define each component and understand how to apply PDCA as a foundational element of all Lean tools
  • Refine and create Visual Controls to manage, monitor, and improve processes
  • Create and use Leader Standard Work to manage and hold the gains of process improvements

Thanks in advance!

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