RAPID + MEP: A Winning Combination
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The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) network is a strong advocate of RAPID’s process intensification efforts. With offices in each state, MEPs contribute significantly by engaging prospective new members as well as enhancing the projects of current members. The MEP has already helped build out RAPID’s supply chain, provided key manufacturability expertise, and facilitated project proposals. RAPID’s MEP Lead is David McFeeters-Krone, who can be contacted at dmk@intelassets.com. His team has been most active with module manufacturing and bioproducts but can assist members working in other focus areas where needed. “Our strength is bringing manufacturers to the table to help bring projects to fruition,” said David. RAPID CTO James Bielenberg added, “MEP participation has been invaluable in moving our projects forward and advancing RAPID’s larger goals. The MEP network provides a unique window into small- and medium-size manufacturers, allowing us to partner with companies we would not have found otherwise.”

For a sample of David and the MEP’s work on behalf of RAPID, please view their video.

RAPID: An Opportunity for Manufacturers from OMEP on Vimeo.


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