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OMEP was recently featured in the RAPID newsletter. The original post is below.

RAPID’s partnership with the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) continues to bear fruit. An invaluable resource, MEPs help small manufactures effectively engage with RAPID. To date, MEPs have identified and helped attract six new members, initiated three strategic partnerships*, assisted in several proposals, all while tirelessly advocating RAPID to hundreds of small companies.

The team continues to release new videos, but more importantly, is now seeking discussions with project leads to determine how projects can successfully attain next level status. As MEP/RAPID Project Manager Dave McFeeters-Krone says “That’s a great project you’ve got there, but who’s going to build it for you?”

The “Who’s Going to Build it Team” (WGBT) program is determining the needs of the Institute and bringing them to the attention of manufacturers. These include everything from sensor manufacturers to complete skid fabricators. RAPID believes this will help members (and even prospects) augment their supply chain.

The WGBT met recently with CTO Paul Yelvington, and is now seeking discussions with project leads to find out what capabilities are missing and most pressing. Dr. Brian Paul, focus area co-lead, has continually emphasized the need to develop a supply chain for manufacturing stating, “We hope to make some inroads over the summer to bring in innovative suppliers for RAPID.”

Alternatively, for university members, these efforts may be seen as pre-licensing for your inventions and/or provide some valuable marketing information for your licensing team.

Dave is working on a list for this effort, however, any interested party can move to the top of the list by contacting him directly at dmk@intelassets.com or contact Rose-Marie for his direct line.

If you want to see all of the videos our MEP partners have developed click below, each is only about 2 minutes.

1. overview
2. bioproducts
3. natural gas upgrading
4. commodity products

Want to know more about MEP? Click here

*(Chemical Angel Network, Ammonia Energy Association, Construction Industry Institute)

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