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Foreign Markets Represent a Huge Potential for Oregon’s Products

Did you know that Oregon’s total exports grew by 8.3% just in the last year, to $21.7 billion?

The growth came largely from countries in the Asia Pacific. For example, Oregon’s exports to China grew by 21 % in 2016, reaching $5.8 Bbillion. While China is certainly the largest single export country,  63% of Oregon’s exports went to 5 countries,  4 of which are in the Asia Pacific region. Canada also made the top 5 list. This presents a huge opportunity for manufacturers looking to expand their marketplaces.

Assistance To Get Your Product into A New Marketplace

Although exporting products holds a certain amount of risk, you might be surprised to learn how straightforward it can be with the right assistance.

OMEP was awarded a grant from Oregon Department of Agriculture to help make exporting easier for manufacturers. Through our partnership with Rose Marshall, Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP), we can educate and support rural companies with their export plans and activities. Whether a company is just starting out, or growing current exports, exports can help grow revenues.

Exporting to Canada

Here is one example: Seely Mint Farm is a boutique producer of authentic, handmade mint confectionary and teas. Through the support of OMEP and Rose Marshall, they dramatically increased their sales by learning to export to Canada. Owner, Mike Seely, said once,

“I was amazed. It was easier than I thought. And to my surprise, it is easier to sell into Canada in some ways, than selling in the US”.

Why Do Other Countries Want American Made?

Consider the fact that 95% of the world population and 75% of the disposable income is outside the USA. And, with the growing

middle class in many countries in Asia, the population is interested in buying high-quality American made products.  The purchase of products that are made in the USA is compelling because of the superior quality and reliability of our products.  For food and beverage products, Asian consumers are willing to pay a higher price to be assured of the food safety, something they may not trust with their local foods.

The population of Asia Pacific countries is 7x the size of the US, with GDP 20% larger. With that economic data, you can see that your products may have a big market in a country outside the US. And, you might be beating your competition to grab that market share.

Download Rosi’s Export Roadmap



Don’t give your competitors the chance to create a growing foothold in an entire country before you even start.  There are many reasons to begin the research to see if exporting can be for you.  To learn more about exporting, check out Or contact Rosi at


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