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OMEP is back with our annual gift guide. Look no further for unique, quality products made in your own backyard. We could have listed thousands more Oregon companies in this blog, but we’ve narrowed down a few of our favorites this year. Happy shopping!

Beaverton Foods
In 1929, Rose Biggi’s horseradish recipe was the talk of the town. Out of her farmhouse kitchen, Beaverton Foods was born. She later transitioned to include a mustard line as well as the horseradish. Beaverton Foods truly is the ultimate American dream story and has won a prize at the Worldwide Mustard Competition every year, garnering gold, silver and bronze awards in 2015.  Many generations later the business is still in the family with Rose’s great-grandson as President. Spice up the holidays with some delicious mustards or horseradish sauce!

Essential Wholesale and Labs
Essential Wholesale and Labs crafts USDA Certified Organic cosmetics and beauty products in bulk. These products make great gifts that you can buy locally. Naturally-sourced and locally-made products available in larger quantities, you will get more for your buck! From baby care products to lotions, shampoos, and soaking salts, Essential cooks up their recipes in a large and historical Portland warehouse in the industrial district.

Shwood Eyewear

Building glasses from a madrone tree limb, old cabinet hinges, and standard lenses might seem like an unlikely combo for success. However, Shwood has created an in-house manufacturing process to design elegant wooden sunglasses and eyewear. Their products are loved across the US, and would make a great addition for any fashion forward recipient.

Portland Cider Company
With cider connoisseurs around every corner, Portland is certainly making its mark on the industry. Cider is a festive gift with the fun bubbles of champagne along with a rich variety of flavor.  Portland Cider Company has been creating delicious beverages since 2012. Founded by British expats and an Oregonian, they strive to bring an English tradition to the NW. Without concentrates, flavoring, or coloring, you know you’re getting the purest beverage possible. Cheers!

Finex Cookware Company
Portland-based FINEX designs & manufactures heirloom quality cast iron skillets. Many cooks swear by cast iron due to the seasoning process and long life of the cookware. Designs from Skillex are modern and manageable in size. They come pre-seasoned. Finex has expanded to include several product lines, including accessories. They provide tantalizing recipes on their blog as well, so you could add some recipe ideas to your gift!

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