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The Challenge

As manufacturers, you depend on your suppliers to provide quality materials  at a great price, so you can turn them into products to sell to your customers. Yet, searching for a supplier can be like looking for a needle in a haystack!

Say you need a supplier with a specific credential – how do you locate someone who meets your criteria quickly? If you do a Google search, you might get a lot of results, but how many of those companies are local? Or, maybe they meet part of your criteria, but not all of them. Don’t you wish there was a supplier that met your detailed criteria AND was local? Look no further!

The Solution

Four years ago, the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition (PNDC) saw the need for an easy way to match buyers to suppliers and built the NW Connectory. This excellent tool allowed buyers to search for suppliers in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. This year, PNDC, OMEP, Impact Washington MEP, Portland Development Commission, and Portland Made have built a new and improved version of the NW Connectory and have relaunched it as ‘NWB2B’.

The New and Improved Solution

b2b-no-taglineNWB2B is an online sourcing tool that connects manufacturers with suppliers of products and services in the Pacific Northwest. This easy-to-use tool streamlines supplier discovery, and is a fast, efficient way to build buyer-supplier relationships with local companies. Join for free to quickly locate suppliers with the precise capabilities you need. Grow your network and streamline sourcing by posting and responding to live requests for quotation (RFQs).

How Does It Work?

NWB2B is a powerful tool because of the technological engine that works behind the scenes to make it all happen. This technology is called BriteHub. In addition to searching for suppliers, BriteHub offers other real-time collaboration tools to help you streamline your supply chain including posting and responding to RFQs, managing quotes and purchase orders, sending messages to suppliers in your network, creating supplier score cards, and storing files such as product specifications.

Other tools in this category are very specific to certain industries and extremely expensive. Here, search criteria can be as specific as you wish or as broad as you wish, making it very user friendly.

  • Lori Luchak, Miles Fiberglass and Composites

Join NWB2B Today!

If you are already a member of NWB2B, share the tool with your peers. The more buyers and suppliers who join the network, the more valuable it will be!

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