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If you are a manufacturer who employs parents of teenagers, don’t miss the opportunity to have them attend Young AKT4Entrepreneurs Business Week (YEBW) —a program that builds future business leaders.  AKT, an OMEP partner, is sponsoring up to 3 high school students, between ages 14 and 18, to attend YEBW 2016.

You can learn more about the program and apply for AKT’s scholarship by visiting their website at www.aktadvisors.com/ and downloading the application

Share this with your employees with an email, post it on your company intranet, or print it out and stick the application in your lunch room so they can tell their kids about this great opportunity.  Applications are due by May 9, 2016.

The Impact for Your High School Student?

This is truly an amazing camp with a mission of creating business leaders of tomorrow and giving teenagers an advantage for college applications as well as preparation for success in whatever professional discipline they pursue.  At Business Week, students cultivate business competency, college credit, career direction and confidence; as students run through business simulations in teams and hear inspiring talks from real entrepreneurs or executives, they explore various job fields and industries—including manufacturing.

I’m particularly interested in seeing children of manufacturers attend because of what I believe they add to the company teams they participate on at camp,” says Chad Summers, a manufacturing business advisor with AKT and board member of YEBW.  “They tend to know more about the world of manufacturing simply because their parents work in it.”

 AKT2Finding, growing and retaining talent has emerged as the primary challenge of the 21st century.  Join OMEP and AKT in taking an active part to helping teenagers learn more about business and it’s role in the manufacturing industry.  If you have any questions about the AKT YEBW Scholarship, feel free to reach out to Chad Summers at manufacturing@aktcpa.com.

Top 7 Reasons You Should Share this with your Employees

  • Demonstrate how much you care about them by offering an opportunity for their kids to take advantage of this exceptional camp (an $895 value)!
  • The camp educates the next generation of business leaders and they just might come home and teach their parents (your employees) something that could make it’s way into your business and have a positive impact
  • Regardless of what profession kids are aspiring towards, an understanding of business will give them an advantage over their peers, this will give your employee’s children a leg up
  • Combat the skills gap . . . children familiar with manufacturing are more likely to pursue a career in manufacturing and YEBW alumni make exceptional future employees
  • Help your employees prepare for dropping their kids off at college in a few years by allowing them to drop them off on a college campus for a 1 week summer camp
  • Become a part of the YEBW Community by supporting Oregon’s one-of-a-kind business and leadership camp to strengthen the future of Oregon and its high school students through your advocacy and encouragement to get kids engaged in business.
  • Business leaders from the following companies (and more) will be speaking at the camps this summer to inspire teenagers and their professional endeavors:
    • Under Armour
    • Intel
    • Ziba Design
    • A-Dec
    • Vigor Industrial
    • Ford Family Foundation

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