Why do so few leadership improvement efforts produce the results that leaders and business sponsors want? What is in the way? Through decades of working with manufacturers to help them improve their companies and leadership, we’ve discovered that there are five common obstacles to leadership improvement that must be overcome in order to achieve the desired results.

We’ve also developed a process that will help any organization improve their leaders – and not just a little improvement, but the “who are you and what have you done with my old leader” type of improvement that we’re all after in our development efforts.

Join Keith Gammill  from the Arkansas Manufacturing Extension Partnership as he discusses:

1. The five common obstacles to leadership improvement and a methodology to overcome them
2. The importance of vision and what it does for your leadership
3. How to apply the Toyota Kata improvement methodology to leadership improvement
4. Why so many confuse management for leadership and why this matters
5. The Transformational Leadership Improvement process through the lens of a frontline leader
6. How to improve your workplace resilience