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Located in Bend, Oregon, Ruffwear’s mission is to build dog gear to enhance and inspire exploration for outdoor adventurers and their human companions. Ruffwear continually strives to design and build gear for dogs that allows their customer’s four-legged friends to accompany them on shared adventures, while providing a level of safety and comfort in the great outdoors. Ruffwear has been on a Continuous Improvement Journey for many years and is always striving to improve. As they have been in operation, Ruffwear has expanded their product line from a dog bowl to include dog harnesses, booties, collars, lifejackets, travel gear, and much more.


New Sales due to fewer stock outs and increased response time


Supply Chain Cost Reduction

30 Day

Lead Time Implemented

The Situation

Ruffwear contacted OMEP with a specific goal in mind. They wanted to reduce their lead time with their Vietnam partner. At the time, their lead time was 60 days for the Front Range harness.

The Solution

Through Lean Enterprise technical implementation, the Ruffwear leadership team worked with OMEP to reduce lead time, increase throughput and reduce inventory. They reduced lead time to 30 days on their largest selling product.

To stabilize and improve operational effectiveness, business processes and systems were put in place to sustain the Lean implementation for the long term. As part of the project, Ruff Wear and OMEP conducted owner and employee training on creating flow at their suppliers in Vietnam. Implementing a 30 day lead time in Vietnam is precedent setting, as few other outdoor goods company have achieved this. Read more about this achievement here.


The Results

Cost Savings: $200,000 in supply chain cost reduction

New Sales: $50,000 due to fewer stock outs and the ability to respond to actual sales

Investments in plant / training equipment: $50,000 in raw material inventory and training of suppliers

Capacity increase: By implementing flow, we obtained more capacity with our supplier which will be critical with our growth.

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OMEP’s systematic, step by step approach to problem solving and Lean implementation has been critical success factor in Ruffwear’s supply chain management.

Will Blount