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RevMedx, Inc. is a startup company that has developed a portfolio of devices designed specifically for civilian first responders and combat medics that have revolutionized the treatment of traumatic bleeding. Their flagship product, XSTAT®, is a first-in-kind hemostatic device for the control of severe, life-threatening bleeding from junctional wounds in the groin or axilla not amenable to tourniquet application in adults and adolescents.

RevMedx was formed in 2010 by a group of combat veterans, scientists and engineers. It is well known that hemorrhaging or “bleeding out” from wounds on the battlefield is the leading cause of death for soldiers. The RevMedx team developed the new XSTAT product, a device that can be rapidly deployed where it may be impossible to put a tourniquet or apply manual compression externally, to provide fast-acting hemorrhage control to stabilize a wounded patient for transport. The XSTAT product was granted FDA approval in April of 2014. Today RevMedx manufactures the XSTAT product out of a cleanroom facility in Wilsonville, OR. RevMedx has developed a suite of products that work in conjunction with XSTAT and continues to conduct research on new and innovative medical products.


New Jobs

10 Times

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5 Times

Projected Improvement in Capacity

The Situation

RevMedx has been fortunate to work with great partners. MilTech (Bozeman, MT) has helped fund OMEP to support improving RevMedx’s operations. OMEP has worked with RevMedx to implement Lean Six Sigma concepts to immediately improve their operations. In addition, MilTech, OMEP, and Automation Solutions (Beaverton, OR) have completed proof-of-concept projects to reduce the risk of implementing automated equipment to scale up the manufacturing of RevMedx’s XSTAT® products.

The XSTAT product works by injecting a large number of small, rapidly expanding minisponges into a wound cavity using a syringe-like applicator.  In the wound, the compressed XSTAT minisponges expand upon contacting blood and swell to fill the wound cavity.  This provides internal pressure to slowdown or stop internal hemorrhaging within 20 seconds.  Early acceptance of the product by the military, and subsequently by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and law enforcement personnel around the country, is requiring RevMedx to expand its production capabilities.  A secondary effort to reduce the cost of XSTAT, and make it more affordable, was also desired by the group.

The Solution

RevMedx personnel, OMEP, MilTech, and Automation Solutions collaborated to develop automated equipment that would meet their needs.  Working together the team identified new, high-volume production processes requiring unique specialized equipment, performed proof-of-concept testing, and developed custom machine specifications. These machines highly automate the minisponge production, using a combination of robots, cameras and other advanced processing techniques, resulting in a substantial increase in capacity and speed of delivery, and a dramatic reduction in cost.


The Results

When the automation of the minisponge production is in place (fourth quarter of 2017), RevMedx expects a five (5) to ten (10) times improvement in capacity, reduced cost, improved yield, more repeatable processes, and the creation of four new jobs.

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Working with OMEP is a distinct pleasure. The OMEP consultants are professional, timely, drive projects to completion without being overbearing, and bring a wealth of knowledge to every project. RevMedx has benefited tremendously from the knowledge, wisdom, and efforts of OMEP.

Scott Zellmer

Vice President and Director of Operations