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At OMEP, we’re dedicated to helping our clients build better manufacturing businesses and achieve success in Oregon. Our recent engagement with Premier Press, a privately held, women-owned creative production company in Portland; home to approximately 180 employees, proves just that. Over the years, we’ve helped Premier Press with a variety of transitions and improvements, from relocation to leadership and management development.

Recently, Premier Press came to us seeking a solution – to provide middle managers with additional tools to communicate with employees. This was important because as Premier continued to grow, so did its desire to keep a strong company culture. Read more about this engagement below: 

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The Situation

The company had made great strides in its culture initiative and was seeking a solution to provide middle managers with additional tools to better engage and motivate employees. It also wanted to improve the working relationship between the sales and production functions.  Leaders recognized that as the company continued to grow, it would only increase the importance of instilling the desired culture throughout the company by hiring the right talent and demonstrating to current and future employees that they were not simply a cog in the wheel. They did this by practicing a thoughtful approach to their hiring practices, and continued efforts focused on being an employer of choice.

The Solution

OMEP delivered the Mastering Leadership by Leveraging Behavior workshop to the company’s management and sales teams. This workshop helps employee groups and management teams deepen their understanding of individual and collective behaviors, unique strengths, decision-making preferences, and leadership and communication styles; and explores the impact of these behaviors on job satisfaction and success. The objective is to gain an understanding of unique talents among team members and find ways to effectively utilize that information to be more effective together. With ProScan assessment as the foundation, this workshop provides tools and methods for opening dialogue, creating awareness, and building synergistic teams. The workshop was delivered in two half-day sessions. Prior to the workshop, participants completed a ProScan survey and private review of their comprehensive report with the workshop facilitator to validate results and provide a foundational understanding of the various traits and report content. 


The Results

Utilizing the ProScan assessment system, the workshop developed an understanding of the participants’ individual behavioral traits including leadership, communication, and decision-making styles as well as the dynamics of individuality in working together, conflict resolution, and job satisfaction.

 It opened leaderships’ eyes and helped everyone understand that having different styles and approaches isn’t necessarily bad, and this workshop provided information and tools to improve professional interactions, employee engagement, and talent retention.  As a result, company leadership believed in the concept and value of these types of assessment systems and two employees became certified to administer an assessment system. 

 Premier Press is now equipped to further its efforts in developing and sustaining a great work culture and it utilizes the assessment during recruiting and onboarding, internal transfers and promotions, and conflict resolution. They have also integrated the assessment system into their engagement survey process to ensure they are considering different work styles and motivators, as well as into their performance reviews to better understand how best to work with and support one another.  

Ultimately, this workshop helped with employee recruiting because potential employees talk about the positive attitude and culture during their visits to Premier’s facility.  Also, they’ve heard that the change in culture has retained existing skilled employees with Premier.

“OMEP's project work helped with employee recruiting as we have that potential employees have talked about the positive attitude and culture 'witnessed' during their visits to our facility. Also, we have heard that the change in culture has kept existing skilled employees with Premier.”

Chris Feryn