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Oregon’s Wild Harvest is a certified organic and biodynamic herbal supplement manufacturer based in Redmond, Oregon. It began in a garage in 1992 with five people on a 47-acre farm in Sandy, Oregon. After several years of operation and continued growth, Oregon’s Wild Harvest purchased land in Redmond, Oregon. Today, it operates a 47,000 square foot building and a 579-acre farm, employing 60 full-time employees. It is currently the second fastest-growing herbal supplements company in the U.S.


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The Situation

Through the use of native plants, Oregon’s Wild Harvest has built a healthy and successful business with products entirely free of toxic chemicals or supplements. Over the last few years, the company has seen increased demands for its products and struggled with supply chain stability. The company’s recent rapid growth challenged the organization’s systems, structure, people, and communications.  Leadership realized that the company had outgrown the approach, methods, and tools that helped them grow from an entrepreneurial start-up as they face the challenges ahead as an established company with long-term viability.

The Solution

Oregon’s Wild Harvest was challenged to maintain timely shipments to customers. Partnering with OMEP, the company scaled the facility and production to meet consumer and retailer demands. OMEP worked with the team to create and implement a strategy to ensure a viable supply chain for raw material availability.

While the company had a capable workforce and viable facility, it lacked a strategic plan and sought to improve the capability of the leadership team. OMEP assisted company leadership through a blend of training, coaching, and consulting services within OMEP’s Workforce Solutions practice area. This included a leadership development program focused on establishing and communicating clear expectations, as well as holding people accountable through beneficial feedback and positive reinforcement.

OMEP also facilitated a behavioral-based workshop to help employee groups and management teams deepen their understanding of individual and collective behaviors, unique strengths, decision-making preferences, and leadership and communication styles.


The Results

By focusing on reducing the time needed to conduct extensive changeovers, the company increased its overall efficiency, nearly doubling production output without capital investment.

Oregon’s Wild Harvest is consistently evaluating its performance while demonstrating genuine appreciation for its employees. Leadership competencies and confidence improved, empowering department heads, and decision-makers to manage their own areas of responsibility and giving leadership the ability to move away from daily management tasks. The company now has defined and documented standard work, giving them the ability to effectively, efficiently, and consistently cross-train production employees across various work areas.

Ultimately, it has re-designed its organizational structure to provide more effective, future-minded leadership for the company. Oregon’s Wild Harvest honors its customers and the environment by consistently delivering high quality (high purity, non-toxic, peak freshness) and effective products.

I'm very happy with the services and this will help our company move into the future. With confidence!

Randy Buresh