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From an early age, Brian Harris, owner of Composite Approach would often be found taking apart clocks, microwaves, or bicycles just to put them back together. It is now no surprise that he leads a team of craftsmen building composite component for a wide variety of industries, including cutting edge aircraft, custom auxiliary fuel cells, ocean drones, RV’s, composite molds and plugs, and just about anything else you could imagine. Harris and team thrive on the development of new projects and the creation of streamlined manufacturing practices.


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The Situation

Today, Composite Approach continues to broaden its services to new markets that may serve to change the world of transportation as we know it. With the crew’s extensive knowledge and experience, they are confident in their ability to produce quality, superior composite products. However, they want to ensure lean enterprise systems are in place so they can create products that meet client demand, increase profits, and avoid re-work.

The Solution

OMEP has provided ongoing support to the Composite Approach leadership team in implementing lean as a business operating philosophy since 2014. OMEP’s work with Composite Approach has been over the 5 key business areas of strategy, top line growth, financials for decision making, leadership, and operations. Over the last 5 years, Composite Approach has grown from 13 employees to 60.  Initially, OMEP worked to build a leadership team to free up the owner’s time and allow him the freedom to pursue work outside of the day to day business operations. Current priorities include Tools for Conscious Leadership training for the many leads that have been promoted over the past couple of years.  Composite Approach’s results, working in conjunction with OMEP, shows what long term commitment to continuous improvement can accomplish.


The Results

In their multiyear partnership with OMEP, Composite Approach has seen significant growth. Due to increased demand and expanded service offerings, Composite hired 40 new staff members. They were able to save $500,000 by becoming more effective in both their office processes and production.  Composite Approach has increase sales over 400% from 2014 to 2018.  As their capacity and demand increased, Composite Approach also invested over $2M in a new facility.

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Working with OMEP has truly been an incredibly rewarding experience. The depth of knowledge and resources that they have brought to our business is immense. We are a healthier organization today because of the relationship that has been created between the two of us.

Ben Zimmerman

Operations Manager, Marketing and Sales