Best Practices in Training and Retaining for Oregon Manufacturers

Get virtual training and a virtual on-site visit to help you attract, train, and engage your workforce


Creating effective hiring methods, improving communication, and onboarding people efficiently is at the core of building a successful manufacturing business. Managing workforce can be challenging for any manufacturers.

Join OMEP for a cohort series to learn how you can find, hire, and quickly bring new employees up to speed, as well as how you can keep existing employees motivated and engaged. Shaped by real-life manufacturing case studies, this course includes on-site (or virtual) check-ins with the instructor. Throughout the event, we’ll build a plan for your company’s workforce challenges, and you’ll get a customized consultation to understand how to implement your workforce plan.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Recruit and onboard new employees effectively
  • Create effective employee training programs and compensation systems
  • Keep employees motivated to solve problems and grow into leadership roles
  • Build effective communication skills


“The course covers a broad range of topics with the goal of attracting, training, developing and retaining an effective workforce. Course segments guided us through identifying the company’s needs and developing plans to achieve those goals. Based on my experience, I would recommend this course and desire to participate in more OMEP courses in the future.”

– Former Attendee


Course Details

  • Week 1 – Introduction to the Employee Lifecycle Wheel
  • Week 2 – Look at Recruiting and Onboarding Strategies to Attract Top talent
  • Week 3 – Focus on Becoming the Employer of Choice by Cultivating Talent
  • Week 4  – Drive Into Performance Management & Retention


Dawn Ratashak

Dawn Ratashak

Senior Workforce Consultant

Office: 541.913.6311

Dawn is an accomplished executive manager with over a decade of experience in the human resources field. With a passion for elevating the employee experience, Dawn thrives on delivering exceptional value to organizations while leaning on her experience working within manufacturing environments to implement effective workforce solutions.

Lori Waters

Lori Waters

Senior Workforce Consultant

Office: 541.288.6757

Lori brings over 20 years of leadership and operations management experience, with a significant portion of her career in the manufacturing sector. Her expertise in effective staff management has allowed her to lead units through seamless transitions across diverse industries. Lori’s broad industry background enriches her perspective in workforce consulting and project management. Lori is committed to creating pathways to success for companies and their employees through comprehensive training programs and a proactive problem-solving approach.