Oregon Manufacturing Consultant Honored with Shingo Award, International Recognition for Research and Professional Publications

UnknownOMEP Senior Consultant, Gary Conner, receives Shingo Award at D.C. conference

PORTLAND, Ore.—Gary Conner, a senior manufacturing consultant with the Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP), was awarded the 2015 Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award yesterday, in Washington, D.C., for his book, “Lean Epiphanies: Catapult the Cow and Other Inspirational Continuous Improvement Stories.” The international award recognizes research and writing that presents new knowledge and understanding of lean principles and operational excellence.

Conner received the award at the 28th International Shingo Conference, a five-day annual event featuring workshops, breakout sessions and a number of speakers who address operational excellence, improving company culture and reinforcing positive business principles. This marks Conner’s second time receiving the Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award. He received the award in 2002 for his book, “Lean Manufacturing for the Small Shop.”

“It’s a tremendous honor for my book and experience in lean manufacturing to be internationally recognized by my peers and the Shingo Institute,” said Conner. “I hope that my experiences and industry knowledge encourage small and medium-sized companies to streamline the manufacturing process and improve their own operations and business cultures.”

The Shingo Institute recognizes research and writing in four award categories, including books, published articles, case studies and applied publications and multimedia programs. Winning submissions for the Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award are chosen for their content, potential for significant impact, premise and presentation. Conner’s book, “Lean Epiphanies,” can be purchased online.

The Shingo Prize, additional Shingo Awards, and the Shingo Institute housed at Utah State University’s Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, are named after Japanese industrial engineer Shigeo Shingo. Shingo is remembered as one of the world’s most distinguished manufacturing experts.

For more information about the Shingo Prize and to see the full list of this year’s award recipients, visit www.shingo.org.

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The Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP) is a not-for-profit organization that helps Oregon manufacturers grow through innovation and respond to the challenges of competing in an increasingly global economy. One of 60 Manufacturing Extension Partnership resource organizations nationwide, OMEP receives state, federal and private funding to assist manufacturers in transforming the way they do business. Since 2002, OMEP’s work with manufacturing firms supported 14,693 jobs through direct and indirect employment; $1.14 billion in wages and benefits paid to employees, property-type income and other items; and nearly $2.2 billion in total production output. OMEP clients have seen nearly $900 million in increased or retained sales. And in Oregon, nearly 30 percent of the gross state product comes from manufacturing, the second highest in the U.S. OMEP’s goal for Oregon’s small and medium-sized manufacturing companies is daily improvement and long-term profitability. OMEP helps company leaders learn new approaches and strategies for innovation, new product development, an engaged workforce, operational excellence, supply chain management, enhanced sustainability/efficiency efforts, business transition planning and global competitiveness. For more information, visit omep.org


April 27, 2016


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