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  • Are you trying to design a new product?
  • Would you like to re-design an existing product to use modern technology?
  • Do you want to find an application for a unique material you’ve developed?
  • Do you want to build connections to federal resources that can enhance your R&D projects?

Meet the Enhanced Technology Team. Designed to complement technology services for small and mid-sized manufacturers provided by MEP centers, the Team acts as the connective tissue between the 16 Manufacturing USA Institutes, the 350 Federally funded laboratories, as well as the larger MEP network.

MEP centers typically focus on technology application within processes. This Team connects small and mid-sized manufacturers to Federal and State resources to find innovative and unique solutions that grow the top line. These solutions can be longer-term research and development projects, technology applications for new or existing products, or innovation strategies.

Through a 2 year funded program manufacturers can lean on the additional support from The Team to find the right technical resource to overcome challenges in product development deployment or new technical solutions. There are no costs to the client or to the center.

How to Start

The process begins with the hurdle you are trying to overcome. It ends with a new connection. This can be at any level. For example

  • Are your product yields too low?
  • Are you unable to join dissimilar materials?
  • Do you need market data on key needs?

We will tap into our resources in ManufacturingUSA, the Federal Lab Consortium, or the MEP National Network.

Reach out with your toughest questions, challenges, and problems in innovation, product development, or material issues.

The MEP National Tech Team members are:


Danny Norman, TN       865.776.5271


David McFeeters-Krone, WA    503.381.7821


Terry Clas, NY            646.581.1961

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