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OMEP is pleased to announce the launch of a new collaborative podcast, Manufacturing Matters Oregon. Previously hosted by our very own Linda Wechsler,  the podcast is now hosted by Shane Steinke. Dedicated to telling the stories of Northwest manufacturers, the podcast concept originated during an Industrial Districts Meeting Group. This is a collaboration of industrial neighborhood leaders, Portland Public Schools, CTE representatives, and city representatives from Prosper Portland and BPS designed to build a more resilient industry in our state.

Our goal with the podcast is to accomplish the following:

  • Provide continuing education to Oregon manufacturers that will enable them to improve and grow their operations.
  • Share resources designed to promote manufacturing capabilities in the region
  • Celebrate the importance of manufacturing to the region
  • Promote growth and development of living wage manufacturing/Industrial jobs
  • Entice students to explore related educational opportunities that will prepare them for manufacturing positions in the community.

Like everything OMEP does, we are surrounded by supportive organizations and partners who make our work possible. The Podcast is no exception. Thanks to funding from Prosper Portland and Madden Fabrication (special shoutout to Greg and Beth, who are key drivers of success!), as well as sponsorship from Greenbrier, the first episode has launched. I’d like to thank the Working Waterfront Coalition, Portland Public schools, Galvanizers Company, Northwest Industrial Business Association, Madden Industrial Fabrication, Columbia Cooridor Association, HH Click, City of Portland, Central Eastside Industrial Council, and Prosper Portland for their tireless support and partnership.

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Steeped in history, and located right in our backyard, episode one tells the story of a proud Oregon manufacturing company that just celebrated its’ 100th anniversary. Listen along to the Greenbrier Gunderson story and discover how the organization has transformed from its’ beginnings in 1919 to become a leading supplier of marine and rail transportation equipment and services that today powers the movement of products around the world.

Our second episode features Oregon manufacturer Andrew Bohl of Schoolhouse.  Schoolhouse was founded by Brian Faherty in 2003 following his discovery of a long-lost collection of cast-iron glass shade molds inside an old storage warehouse in Port Jervis, New York. After carefully restoring them back into production, the hard-working team at Schoolhouse has continued to grow every year since. Together they’re dedicated to the preservation of American manufacturing, thoughtful living and purposeful design. We think you’ll be inspired by Schoolhouse’s in-house training program.

The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts or Listen Online here.

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Thanks, and stay tuned!

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