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According to a report from the Content Marketing Institute, 89% of manufacturers nationwide who have a marketing staff person are using LinkedIn as part of their marketing strategy, yet only 54% say it is effective. Why is this the case? The platform has a lot to offer manufacturers. From showcase pages for specific products to job postings and status updates, it can be a great tool to connect with potential customers. The good news is, with a few simple updates, Linkedin can be a powerful tool for your company.  

Make Your About Section Shine 

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 1.15.36 PMIs the about section on your company’s Linkedin profile up to date? Does it fit into the initial space provided, or do readers have to scroll through paragraphs to learn about you? Use this space to clearly explain what your company makes, and who you are.

Many find it helpful to list a call to action to visit your company website at the end of the text. Listing your company’s mission in the about section is a great way to quickly connect readers your business. Be sure your company logo and cover photo are up to date. Having a clear, appealing photo increases your chances of being viewed higher in rankings by almost twice as much.

This profile by Treske is a great example. They have accurately described their business, used a compelling cover photo that shows both their products and their style. All of the  information someone might search for on their company is complete – number of employees, founding date, website, address, and specialities are up to date.

Build a Showcase Page for a Product

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 4.25.47 PMShowcases are a relatively new feature on LinkedIn. This page type provides a great opportunity for manufacturers. With a showcase page, you can focus on all the features and benefits of your product in one place. You can assign different members of your organization to that product, so customers know who to get in touch with for each line. Additionally, you can publish articles and specific content that is related to that product line.

The showcase page is displayed on your company page, so users can easily click through to learn about your products in detail. After you create a showcase page, you can use ‘recommendations’ features to allow employees and existing customers to recommend your product to others. 


After all, 84% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know more than any other source when purchasing a product.

In this example from world renowned toy maker, Mattel, they have created a separate set of articles, and a new experience for consumers interested in the Barbie product line. If you really want to dig into best practices, take a look at this great article on getting started with a showcase page.

Get Your Employees on Board 

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 4.53.35 PMThis step takes the most work, but will also reap the most benefits. If you’re a larger business, ask your leadership team to create LinkedIn profiles. If you’re smaller – ask your whole staff. Be sure each user has a professional headshot (no bathroom mirror photos please!) and a completed profile, including work history, summary, and title. When each employee lists your company as their employer ask them to select from the drop down menu that pops up. This will connect to your company page so that the staff person will be listed as employees on your linkedin company page. Maximize the space your employees have in their summary profiles –include an opening sentence about their role at your company, and how they work towards your mission. 

This example from gear manufacturer Jamie Smith includes a personal description of her work as well as key projects she’s participated in at the top of her page. It’s a great way to connect companies with her personality (as the Marketing Manager she’s the face of the company) and let people see the variety of work her company does.

There are many more ways to maximize a linkedIn page for your manufacturing company, including social media and content strategy. We will talk more about that in our next post. Take advantage of these basic updates, and you will be on the path to a new avenue for engagement with customers.

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