Supplier Scouting with OMEP

Looking for a Manufacturer / Supplier?

OMEP can help you locate a manufacturer to create your part or product. As part of the MEP National Network™ we are able to connect U.S. manufacturers that have relevant production capabilities and capacities with other manufacturers – enabling them to fulfill current market needs. OMEP is also available to assist you and your supplier in delivering needed products.

OMEP’s goal is to connect manufacturers with suppliers of products and services in the Pacific Northwest to streamliine supplier discovery and build buyer-supplier relationships with local companies.

Requirements and Timeline

  • All form submissions must be complete
  • OMEP makes no guarantee that we can find your desired manufacturer
  • As part of OMEP’s Public-Private partnership model, all manufacturing participants are required to participate in a survey 6 months after project completion. By completing this form you agree to participate in our impacts survey.
  • Finding a suitable manufacturer can take up to 60 business days.
  • We will notify you via email if we find options that meet your needs. You will be responsible to screen candidates ahead of time.
  • OMEP does not guarantee a successful partnership or take any responsibility for supplier relations

Please provide as much detail as possible.

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