Do you want to capture higher profit margins by selling online directly to customers? Do you only have one (or no) dedicated marketing staff? Not sure how to launch an online store that you can realistically manage? This virtual cohort is for you!


This course is open to manufacturers in Central, Southern and Coastal regions of Oregon. 

Join fellow manufacturers for peer-to-peer learning in a marketing cohort that will arm you with foundational elements to launch and maintain a successful e-commerce program. Engage with marketing professionals in various specialties during one-on-one check-ins, and walk away with an actionable marketing plan that you can implement in your manufacturing business.

You will learn:

  • Fundamentals of selecting and implementing an e-commerce platform

  • Understand your target customers, and match messaging to the right audience at the right time

  • Build and track your digital sales funnel

  • Leverage your existing customers to create captivating content

  • Best practices for social media marketing, including composing and managing social content

What Past Attendees Have To Say

Presentations were excellent in focusing on the fundamentals of establishing an effective eCommerce website. Fast-paced speakers with interesting content!


Course Details

      • UNLOCK THE POTENTIAL OF E-COMMERCE – Learn the fundamentals of selecting and implementing an e-commerce platform, while keeping customer experience at the center.

      • REACH NEW AND EXISTING CUSTOMERS MORE EFFECTIVELY – Develop a deep understanding of your target customers, and understand how to match messaging to the right audience at the right time for maximum impact.

      • GROW YOUR AUDIENCE THROUGH IRRESISTIBLE CONTENT – Learn how to leverage your existing customers to create captivating content for your target audiences. Leverage that content to capture new customers and keep existing ones coming back.

      • UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR DATA IS TELLING YOU – Learn how to build your digital sales funnel, and track the right data to make consistent improvements.

      • HARNESS THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – Learn which social media platforms will be most useful to your business. Discover best practices for composing and managing social content. Learn how to use search advertising to attract new customers.

        COST: The value of this course is $3,000 / company, but thanks to generous subsidies from Business Oregon, the cost is $1,000 / Company, for up to 3 attendees
        FORMAT: Course is virtual – will take place online via zoom

Marketing training often uses confusing jargon or is built around tools and techniques out of reach for most manufacturing businesses. This course is the opposite! Designed specifically for small and mid-sized Oregon manufacturers with little marketing experience, a strong desire to learn, and the courage to implement their learnings to launch a successful e-commerce program. It’s all part of OMEP’s promise to provide real solutions for manufacturers like you.

Instructors [Subject to Change]

Sarah Whitney      Style Child

Sarah Whitney Style Child

Dave Demots – DHX Advertising

Dave Demots – DHX Advertising

Dusty Dean – BitCadet

Dusty Dean – BitCadet

Christina Bertalot – Coates Kokes

Christina Bertalot – Coates Kokes