Business Transition Planning for Oregon Manufacturing Companies

Exit Your Business with Freedom and Financial Security

Are you confident you’ll have the personal freedom and financial security to walk away from your business when the time is right as you envision?  Will you leave a successful business legacy in your community?  Do you know what steps to take to ensure a successful business transition?

Shape Your Vision – Preserve Your Legacy

Successfully transitioning from your business requires steering the company and your personal life towards your exit vision.  The reality is less than 50% of family transitions are successful and only 20% of businesses for sale actually sell. Our turnkey process increases your odds of a successful transition.

Our Partnership

Rainier Group is a leading business advisory and investment banking firm. Over the last 30 years they have worked with hundreds of privately held companies throughout the Pacific Northwest, with a primary service focus on business transition, corporate governance and key employee planning. Specializing in helping both owners and founders of privately held small and large companies build and implement smart business transition strategies, the Rainier Group assists with Identifying, building, and implementing long-term plans, as well as business valuations.

While Rainier group focuses on helping businesses achieve successful transitions, OMEP helps businesses achieve maximum profitability and efficiency to create the most value with their existing resources. Working together, OMEP and Rainier Group ensure that you can make informed decisions to leave a lasting legacy for your business, your family, and your community.

Our Process

1. Discovery – Your Exit Vision

·     Your Desire for the Business
·     Your Transition Vision and timing
·     Your Family’s Vision

2. Financial Readiness

·     Business Appraisal – What’s it worth
·     Proceeds Analysis – Learn what you keep
·     Personal Financial Review – Do I have enough

3. Transition Options

·     Transition Options –Discover best choices
·     Funding your buyout

4. Review Your Vision

·     Priorities, Direction and Timing
·     Transition Options

5. Contingency Planning

·     Income Continuation
·     Asset Protection & Property Ownership Structure
·     Unexpected death or disability

6. Estate Planning

·     Yours and Your Spouse’s Desires
·     Estate Tax Liability Estimate – Federal & State
·     Liability Impact on Business

7. Align Business Documents

·     Business Entity Structure – Is it structured correctly
·     Buy-sell/Operating Agreement Language

8. Value/Business Enhancement

·     Identify top line growth and operational improvements
·     Succession and Leadership Development Needs

Discover Your Business Transition Options

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