Stabilize and Grow Your Business

As a business owner with limited capacity, how do you prioritize decision-making to grow your company’s profitability?

OMEP invites you to participate in the Business Innovation Workshop Cohort. This peer-to-peer cohort is for manufacturing leaders who want to learn how to implement continuous improvement principles into every aspect of business. Apply lean principles beyond the shop floor so you can make informed decisions that will grow your manufacturing business.


The heart of the Business Innovation Workshop (BIW) series is the continuous improvement cycle. This interactive session includes peer-to-peer discussion, homework and in-class assignments to apply your learning immediately. Our 6 topics: strategy, marketing, top-line growth, financials, continuous improvement, and leadership work powerfully in tandem with the continuous improvement model to bring you success.

  • Harness the power of marketing to improve your top-line growth
  • Take a proactive stance and improve your strategy to take advantage of growth opportunities
  • Create processes and systems that empower you and your people to solve problems
  • Fully understand and utilize your financials to make informed business decisions
  • Apply operational excellence initiatives to improve on-time-delivery and customer service

Built with small businesses like yours in mind, the BIW is interactive and immediately applicable, with practical hands-on information you can utilize in your company right away.

    “Our old process was very stressful so our burnout rate was high. Orders would come in and chaos would ensue. Through the workshops, we were able to identify all the ‘low hanging fruit’ and begin working on necessary changes to manage inventory and create a streamlined process. The on-site visits were extremely helpful in aiding the change.” – Past Attendee

    ” I was inspired by the content hope to work with OMEP again in the future. Right after attending one of the BIW workshops, I found myself in a challenging situation at our production facility. I used a technique I had just learned in the workshop to navigate the situation to positive results. It felt like a real success. Thanks to the OMEP team for the help!” – Past Attendee



    Tim Root

    Tim Root

    Managing Consultant



    Tim Root is a Managing Consultant at OMEP, and has more than 35 years of experience managing food processing and other businesses. He is past president of Pacific Pure-Aid Company; served as owner, president, and managing partner of Myron Root & Company, Inc., and general manager of Sabroso Company.

    Bob Cannon

    Bob Cannon

    Principal Consultant



    Bob is an adept problem solver, experienced in leadership roles of manufacturing, engineering and maintenance organizations. He has worked in lean manufacturing implementation and leadership for 15 years, as well as 20 years with P&L responsibility, including budget development, execution, and analysis.

    As a Senior Consultant at OMEP, Bob delivers results by connecting manufacturing professionals to continuous improvement solutions. Before OMEP, he worked at Leupold and Stevens as a Senior Manager in Manufacturing Operations for 3 years. During this time he drove improvement to labor efficiencies of over 15% within his first year.