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As a business accelerator, we help manufacturers across the state become more profitable and increase efficiencies. Our intentionally located offices in rural areas of Oregon underline OMEP’s belief that rural areas are crucial to our state’s prosperity, culture, and overall growth.

Each year at the Oregon Business Leaders’ Summit, legislators, policy makers, educators and key business leaders review the Oregon Business Plan, which focuses on building prosperity in Oregon. This year, manufacturers, city planners, and policy makers from all corners of the state shared stories of hope, and highlighted the need for change in their communities. This article in the Oregonian sums it up nicely:

“They all spoke about the importance of innovation and the need for increased emphasis on education and training to help prepare Oregonians to work for their companies. In other words, their companies have the same core needs as Portland-area employers such as Intel and Elemental Technologies that also had executives on the program. That’s worth remembering.” –Oregonian Editorial Board (emphasis mine)

To contribute a culture of innovation, OMEP is offering business innovation courses to provide education and training to manufacturers in Roseburg, Eugene, and Medford. Designed to start companies on their improvement journeys, these courses teach the principles and execution of a continuous improvement business model.

Hands-on, actionable learning sessions with practical applications for organizational leadership allow manufacturing companies unleash their full growth potential. Half-day classroom sessions will address key questions about leadership, financial success, operational excellence and top line growth for your company.

To bring the most value, OMEP will support participating companies with a half-day on-site consultant visit. Our assessment will provide advice and guidance on implementing improvements for each business. Aside from this valuable knowledge, participants will build a one-page business plan customized to meet their unique challenges.

Are you committed to building a thriving, sustainably healthy company through the continuous improvement business philosophy? If so, this course is a great fit for you.

Please contact Heather Cutler to begin your innovation journey, and contribute to a revitalized community.


To apply, you must be willing to complete the pre-work assessments including the confidential sharing of company financial data. Because this program is subsidized by the State of Oregon, the normal rate of $10,000 is being reduced to $1,500 per company. The program will start in late February or early March with exact dates set to accommodate the majority of companies participating.

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